Investments & Portfolio Planning

We take the time to get to know you. We will guide you in the construction of a unique portfolio based on a thorough understanding of your objectives.

Our Promise To You

  • Honest, objective advice
  • Our non-commission strategy ensures recommendations always in your best interest
  • Only the best investment solutions to help you succeed
  • Frequent Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Ongoing Communication

Investment Portfolio Planning & Managed Investment Accounts

Professionally, actively managed portfolios based on your objectives.

Our process is structured around:

  • Time-tested investment philosophy
  • Quality investments
  • Asset diversification

Each managed investment portfolio is developed using strict protocols and receives frequent oversight to ensure your capital is invested in a prudent manner.

Endowments & Foundations

Every endowment or foundation must start with a well-defined investment objective statement. Rather than asking, “Who offers the best investment products?”, you should instead ask yourself, “Which investment advisor adds the most value to my investment program?” We have an experienced team of advisors who have been an integral part of establishing and growing numerous foundations.

Services offered include:

Investment Program Advisory Services

  • Define investment objectives
  • Develop investment policy
  • Implement investment policies
  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring and reporting

Investment Portfolio Management Services

  • Management of assets and asset allocation
  • Exercise discretion
  • Communication of significant matters
  • Communicate investment policy & objective changes
  • Invest with prudence

Education Savings

Our financial advisors can help you:

  • Determine how much to save
  • Decide on a suitable savings plan (529 Plan, Coverdell ESA, etc.)
  • Develop a solution that meets your needs

Looking for a simple savings account?