Lemonade Stand

We're encouraging kids to start their very first business - a lemonade stand! With our starter kit, your kids can gain experience in business ownership, like tracking revenue and expenses, marketing, customer service, and so much more. 

How it works

Step 1: Plan Ahead

Read through your packet, purchase supplies, pick a day, and advertise it to your friends and family!

Step 2: The Details

Now it's time to measure your success! Fill out your Sales & Expense sheet to determine your Net Income.

Step 3: Reward your Hard Work

Share with us what you've learned with your first business! Join us at the end of the summer for pizza and prizes!!

Lemonade Stand Starter Kit

Pick up your Lemonade Stand Starter Kit at any of our American State Bank or Perspective Insurance locations! 

  • Lemonade Stand Information Packet
  • 24x18" Lemonade Stand Sign
  • Exclusive ASB Kids Club Money Bag
  • 25 Styrofoam Cups

Did you misplace your Lemonade Stand Information Packet? 

2023 Lemonade Stands

We've been continuously blown away by every kids' creativity, passion, and drive to start their first business! Thank you to all the kids and parents who participated in our Lemonade Stand promotion in 2023! Just remember that when you want to open your next business, we're here to help!