She Is...

When coming up with our plan for the Women in Business program in 2020, we really wanted to have a theme, or motto to live by and reflect on throughout the year. We strive to empower women and have them reflect on who they are and what unique gifts they were blessed with.

“She is…” is what we came up with.

After a lot of brainstorming to find a word that empowers, we decided to just let the reader or listener fill in their own blank. The beauty of this program is that we have such different, unique, and talented women in the workforce, and they are all equally important because of their special, individual gifts and mindsets.

In the past, we had a panel of influential women in the area who spoke to junior and senior college women to prepare them with what it entails to be women in the workforce after graduation. We had Marie Hofmeyer, owner of Holland House; Sandy Vanden Bosch, a business professor at Dordt University; Jade Van Holland, owner of Holland Flower Farm; Erin Reichle, the HR officer at American State Bank; and Amy Kleinhesselink, the Co-CEO of Promise Community Health. The panelists all chose a word that they live by or that they think describes them. It was so neat and eye-opening to hear them elaborate on their unique and special words.

There were words like “Grace,” “Ambitious,” “Excellence,” “Emotional,” “Servant,” and “Devoted”.

Having the college girls hear all these words really encouraged them to reflect on how they can use their gifts and “words” to better the organization of whom they work/will work for.

We also wanted to showcase our members’ “Success Stories” to show at each event and post on social media. We recently interviewed Amanda Den Herder, owner of Reflections Prom and Bridal. It is our honor to showcase women like her and walk along side of her as a woman in business. Check out Amanda’s Success Story on our Facebook page.
We plan to host more Success Stories and “She Is…” events throughout the year. Thank you for all the support you show us as well as all of these women in business. We encourage you to reflect on who you are and what word drives you personally and professionally.