Meet Ambank Company

Consisting of American Bank, American State Bank, American Investment & Trust, and Perspective Insurance; Ambank Company continuously works to provide the best, most secure service to you.

Who We Are

For 50 years, we have been committed to providing our customers and communities with high-quality products and exceptional customer service. We are here to make sure you have the adequate tools to successfully manage your financial health, in every aspect of the term. Banking products? Check. Insurance? We got you. Investments? Absolutely. But most importantly, we’re here to walk alongside you and give you advice when you need it. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions about any and every financial matter. When it comes to your financial health, we’re your person.


Building A Foundation Of Trust Through Honest And Ethical Behavior


Investing Time, Knowledge, And Resources For The Betterment Of Our Communities


Dedicated To Customers, Co-Workers, And Community


Actively Involved In The Lives Of Our Customers, Co-Workers, And Community


Striving To Provide The Greatest Product, Knowledge, And Service To Our Communities

Community is at our Core.

“Having a bank charter is a privilege. But you have to not only do well for your stockholder and your customers; you also have to do well for your Community.” - W. Dale Den Herder, Principal Owner & Board Chairman of Ambank Company


American State Bank was originally chartered as Hospers Savings Bank.


Hospers Savings Bank became insured.


Hospers Insurance Agency was formed.


Hospers Agency Company was formed as the holding company.


The Hospers Savings Bank Charter was moved to Sioux Center, Iowa. At the same time, the name was changed to American State Bank.


Dale Den Herder purchased the controlling interest of Hospers Agency Company.


Hospers Agency Company changed their name to Ambank Company, Inc.


Hospers Insurance Agency changed their name to Ambank Insurance.


American Investment & Trust was formed.


Ambank Company purchased First Trust & Savings Bank.


First Trust & Savings Bank changed their name to American Bank and opened a temporary office in Le Mars, IA.


American State Bank merged with Community Bank.


Ambank Insurance purchased Perspective Insurance and began doing business as Perspective Insurance.


Today, we offer financial services to 12 communities and the surrounding area in Iowa and South Dakota.

Our Leadership Team

W. Dale Den Herder
CEO & Principal Owner, Ambank Company
Amy Van Es
Director, Ambank Company
Stephanie Harshbarger
Director, Ambank Company
Rob Bixenman
President, Ambank Company & Perspective Insurance
Joel Westra
Chief Financial Officer, Ambank Company
Kristi Hoogendoorn
Chief Risk Officer, Ambank Company
Brandon Woudstra
Chief Executive Officer & President, American State Bank
Jeremy Bunkers
Chief Executive Officer, American Bank
Micah Lang
President, American Bank
Darren Raih
President | CFP®, American Investment & Trust
Jessica Mulder
Vice President of Operations, Perspective Insurance
Matt Susemihl
Vice President of Sales, Perspective Insurance