The Postage

Introducing The Postage, an online platform where you can create a will, secure critical documents and data, collaborate with your family, and share memories. And through 2024, we're offering it to you for free!

Trusted Guidance for Today and Tomorrow

The Postage is the right place for your plans and family memories. We have partnered with The Postage to help you protect what matters most: family and community. We know it sounds daunting, but with our guided templates, you can take control of your ever-changing data and start building toward your plans easily with The Postage.

How can The Postage Help You?

Legacy planning involves lots of details and paperwork. It can seem overwhelming, especially while taking care of your kids, parents, and work obligations. We're here to help make that process easier so you can keep actively living in the present with the peace of knowing your plans are safe and secure.

Create your Will Online

Use our guided experience to create your will and print instantly from home. Our state-specific online will maker is available in 49 states, including Iowa and South Dakota.

  • 100% legally-valid will
  • 15 minutes from start to finish
  • Includes guardian for children

Share your Messages & Memories

The Postage helps you organize your memories and messages with curated templates. Message planning and memories are included with our offer!

  • Easily organize family photos, videos, recipes and more in one place
  • Write emails for future delivery
  • Collaborate and share with family members of your choosing

Protect your Data in our Digital Vault

The Postage will securely store your data and documents in your personal Digital Vault, and is included with our offer (a $60 annual value)!

  • 64GB of Secure Storage
  • Controlled access for your trusted representatives
  • Guided templates for easy organization